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Building The Foundation For A Personalized Brain Health Solution

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A Diagnostic Platform for Neurological Conditions

The RENITA platform uses a patients’ own functional brain activity and combines it with proven cognitive assessment tools to provide a comprehensive and objective report from which doctors can base their neurological diagnosis.


RENITA Medical provides patients with a quicker path to definitive answers regarding their brain and mental health based on their own objective brain activity.

3D Scans


We use regulatory approved neuroimaging to measure and record brain activity – clear, unbiased and objective data that is unique to every brain.

Doctor Checking a Form


There is currently no objective platform for patients’ to monitor their own brain health. The current diagnostic pathway for neurological conditions like concussions, Alzheimer’s, PTSD or Autism rely on subjective data in a time-consuming and costly process which can include multiple doctor visits and excessive wait times for neurological specialists.

Doctor and Patient


The RENITA platform uses a patients’ own functional brain activity for the basis of neurological diagnoses, and monitors and evaluates the personal evolution of a patients’ brain and mental health. When combined with proven cognitive assessments, our solution provides a COMPLETE PICTURE of the underlying physiology of the brain and the symptoms it’s causing. 

A straightforward solution that saves time, valuable resources, and most importantly, gives patients the information they deserve.



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